The Initiative for Romani Music at New York University brings together a network of scholars and artists working in the area of Romani (Gypsy) music, and educates the public about Romani cultures as well as ideas of “Gypsiness.” IRM fosters partnerships between Romani and non-Romani thinkers in discussions of Romani people’s creativity and place in society. The Initiative holds scholarly meetings, engages in educational outreach, and invites people from within and outside the NYU community to learn about Romani performance through Raklorom, the IRM vocal-instrumental ensemble.

Activities and Program Offerings

  • Musicological and other scholarly research 
  • Curriculum development 
  • Educational outreach 
  • Lectures, concerts by Romani musicians and learners of Romani music
  • Written, recorded and visual resources
  • Contact point for members of the press for interviews with Romani people and other interested persons
  • Member listserv and opportunities for public discussion, e.g., conferences